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Recycling Policies

We were the first to offer recycling in Lincoln County when we started in 2009. It has always been our mission to promote recycling and we will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.
By recycling properly we can improve the quality of the material and improve the processing time, thereby diverting more material from entering our landfill.

Helpful Policies and Procedures:


  • Break down cardboard.
  • Rinse out food.
  • Take caps off bottles. Caps are recyclables.
  • Bag glass bottles.
  • Bag packaging peanuts. They are recyclable.
  • Don’t bag recycling, other than the above two items.
  • Anything soiled is not recyclable. Such as used napkins, pizza boxes, paper plates, diapers.
  • If you have more question go to the EPA website here:

Other Items:

  • All trash must be bagged. If you don’t want to smell it, see it or touch it neither do we.
  • Yard waste cannot be put in the trash container. Yard waste is not accepted as household waste at the landfill.
  • 2 excess bags for trash can be set beside the trash container. At the drivers discretion he may get it. Keep in mind reasons he may not is weight or quantity. We have to make sure we can finish the route each day.

Thank you for helping the environment. We know you have to make a conscious effort to recycle and we appreciate that. Together we can continue to make a difference.

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