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Recyclable Items

Our job is making your daily & weekly recycling experience hassle free. This is a lifestyle change and we want to help you make it go as smoothly as possible. Here we have a list of items that we accept and do not accept for recycling for various reasons. We have multiple size containers for residential and commercial services. Our 15, 45, & 96 gal. bin containers are very effecient and easy to maneuver. We are now set-up for single stream which means no more need to separate your recycling! For all residential customers your 45 gal. recycling container should contain milk jugs, plastic bottles, steel cans, aluminum cans, clear and colored glass bottles and other similar items as well as all paper products such as newspapers, magazines, cardboard, cereal boxes and junk mail. Yes, all in one recycling container!

Please make sure all recyclable items are washed out the best you can and please crush down your milk jugs and 2-liter plastic bottles. Thanks!

Recyclable Items

Plastics # 1-7

Plastic milk jugs

Steel / Tin cans (soup cans)

Aluminum cans (Soda, Beer cans etc…)

All clear & colored glass bottles

Office / notebook paper

Junk mail


Phone books

Small Broken down Cardboard boxes

Cereal boxes

Brown paper grocery bags

Not Recyclable

No wrappers of any kind

No plastic bags

No plastics that do not have a recycle triangle on the product.

No Big items – like kids plastic toys.

No styrofoam

No Paper plates

No Napkins

No fabric or towels

No paint cans

No gas cans

No rubber products

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